Toggle Action Clamps in the Welding fields

2017-09-02 15:26:00

Toggle Action Clamps in the Welding fields

As you know, DLS Manufacturing toggle action clamps can be used in many fields. One of those fields is welding. In production welding there is generally a fixture using clamps to improve quality and reduce production time. With a proper toggle clamp it can make your welding project much easier. Toggle action clamps can help construct a welding fixture.

Welding Fixtures

A welding jig or fixture is a piece of equipment containing several parts that form a weldment in such a way, that it keeps a fixed dimensional relationship among the different parts. Welding fixtures need to full fill certain requirements such as:

  • To accommodate each part in its proper place.
  • A welding jig or fixture has to be designed in light of its accuracy, durability, number of weldments to be made, etc.
  • A fixture has to’be a good conductor of electricity and provide good grounding.
  • A fixture must have enough tolerance to take care of different deviations and dimensions of rolled steel parts or steel castings which usually do not come with the same tolerance.
  • Where components are jig drilled or machined for other purposes, advantages should be taken of the holes and faces for positioning in the welding jig. Fitted pegs and machined stops can often take the place of more complex fitting.